intrinsic value

Intrinsic Value

Bullion can be easily liquidated

Easy Liquidity

excellent store of value

Excellent store
of value

Bullion investment is an hedge against inflation

Hedge against

Svasti Gold available in affordable denominations

Available in affordable

Svasti Gold available in affordable denominations

Can be converted
to jewellery anytime

Value of Gold increasing
Holding Gold bars in hand

Svasti means abundance, auspiciousness and prosperity, which reflects everything about our brand. We provide certified and the best quality bullion to every customer. The journey that began three generations prior, still continues with the same values and ethics and deals with both gold and silver bullion. Being the most authentic and trusted bullion dealers in the market, we have introduced the brand ‘Svasti’ not only to bring in abundance, auspiciousness and prosperity, but also to highlight and educate investors about the importance of having gold as a crucial part of one’s portfolio.

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Door Step Delivery

Svasti Gold-Trusted Brand

Trusted Brand

Svasti offers quality at competitive prices

Quality at
Competitive Prices

We Svasti Gold - bullion expert

Buy-Back Option

999 Purity Gold Bar

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